We are specialists for the depth-dimension of leadership:

  • Self reflection
  • Authentic communication
  • Vision finding and goal clarification
  • Personality development in the context of leadership

And we cover the classical leadership-topics:

  • Leadership role understanding and leadership tasks
  • Communication skills and conducting conversations
  • Staff development
  • Motivation
  • Teambuilding
  • Conflict Management
  • Self- and Timemanagement

Getting new impulses

Stimulating learning

Our training style is very interactive. We like to involve participants so that they feel addressed personally and motivated to implement their learnings. Our focus is on inspiring leaders, to stimulate the development of a powerful mindset and a professional role understanding. Knowledge and behavioural competencies we regard as useful as far as they meet practical needs.

Experiencing positive emotions while learning is seen as one of the most relevant learning factors. Therefore we value and foster a relaxed, positive and humorous atmosphere in our trainings.

Good trainer ratings after the seminar are nice but what really counts is what happens after the seminar. Our trainings-method connects learning-content with reflection times and exercises that prepare for transfer into real working life.

In our trainings and workshops we prefer flipcharts to visualise information and we draw most of them live and in colors. This supports understanding and remembering better than powerpoint slides. All flipcharts are provided after the trainings in the form of a digital flipchart-protocol.

For successful transfer we provide the following measures:

  • Sending out preparation work before the training in order to help participants to attune to the training before it starts
  • Encouraging participants during the seminar to enter insights and learnings into a transfer list
  • At the end of each training providing time for going through the transfer list and encouraging participants to prioritize transfer actions, formulate SMART goals and plan for their individual development

Effective transfer


  • The “letter to myself” written at the end of a training serves as a reminder when it´s sent to each participant individually after 8 weeks
  • Organising “learning buddies” who maintain contact after the seminar and check on each others transfer actions
  • A flipchart-protocol including all flipcharts, additional information, a list with internet-links and a list of book recommendations
  • Email exchange with the trainer for 4 weeks after the seminar
  • 8 coaching letters sent weekly over the period of 8 weeks per email