Mag. Norbert Kern

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is a network of consultants who share a passion:

Connecting leadership in organisations with the depth-dimension of the human personality.

We work with concepts of leadership that integrate development of consciousness and personality.

In our work we focus on authenticity, transformational leadership, vision and other approaches to leadership that go beyond an ego-centered understanding of leadership. We bring these concepts to life and help implementing them in individuals and organisations.

Founder and Leader of Chapter 3

  • Consultant for Leadership Development
  • Trainer, Coach, Facilitator
Current fields of consulting and training:
  • Designing and Conducting Leadership Trainings
  • International Management Training (Austria, CEE and IMEA)
  • Personality-Development for Executives

Main subjects:
  • Management and Leadership
  • Personality-Development and Transformational Leadership
  • Conflict-Management
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Self- and Time-Management

  • German and English

Besides classical consulting, training and coaching in the area of leadership development we focus on questions like:

How can we be authentic as human beings and at the same time successful leaders – in a competitive, high-performance-oriented and economically driven environment?

How can the tension between inner values and perceived environmental factors be transformed into a creative and productive force?

We support individuals, teams and organisations in finding their personal answers to these questions.