The value of coaching is to reflect on personal issues in a private and protected space. Under the guidance of a coach individual approaches can be worked out that consider the personality and the particular circumstances of a person.

The starting point for coaching can be a problem. But also personal goals, new challenges or the wish to develop individually can initiate a coaching process. Valuable impulses can come from working with a coach that provides a space for open and in-depth reflection.

When choosing a coach it is important for both sides to have a positive feeling about each other. A tentative date allows getting to know each other, clarifying requests and conditions.

Coaching offers two opportunities: Solving the actual issue and growing personally. Solving an issue is satisfying for a short length of time, the satisfaction coming from personal growth sustains.

As coaches we have diverse backgrounds and different models we work with. What we have in common is that our work integrates individual problem solving with personality development.