Chapter 3 addresses a third chapter in the development of leadership:

Chapter  1: Becoming a leader
Chapter  2: Being a leader
Chapter 3: Developing real leadership-qualities

Chapter 3 is about:

  • Capacity for in-depth self-reflection
  • Knowing what you stand for and being able to communicate it effectively
  • Being in touch with real meaning and experiencing inner guidance
  • Reaching others authentically on a personal level
  • Being socially responsible and able to lead creatively and transformational

“Leadership in its essence is the capacity to shift the inner place from which we operate.” (Otto Scharmer)

How does leadership look like when it´s goal-oriented, assertive and at the same time inspired by personal values and social responsibility?

Leaders often reach a point in there professional lives where they get interested in the bigger context of their work. Awareness of meaning and values rises. The development of the personality becomes a key-factor for a kind of success that goes far beyond achievment of performance-targets.

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